Today is the day. Start writing!

Like so many others, I have wanted to write and publish a book since I was a child yet never knew how or where to start. Over the years, I bought several books about writing, read them with great intentions, yet never started writing. I have tried motivating myself with fancy journals featuring inspirational quotes on the front cover to no avail. They gather dust as I put off my dream another day.

About two weeks ago, I received an email from author Jeff Goins about a webinar called “Intentional Blog” in which he shares a proven path to creating a blog that gets noticed. We’ve all heard that sales pitch before, haven’t we?

“Join my course, follow this proven path,  and x, y, and z will happen! Sign up today!”

This time was different. I have been following Jeff’s Facebook page and blog for over a year. I enjoy his weekly emails and I have read three of his six books (Real Artists Don’t Starve, The Art of Work and You are a Writer). Most importantly, the webinar looked really interesting and I was under no obligation to purchase anything. I didn’t want to neglect my dream any longer so I signed up.

A few days later (the day of the webinar) my dogs’ vet appointment took longer than expected so I listened to Jeff’s live presentation while driving home. I pulled into the driveway just as the Q&A section was beginning. At that moment, I knew I had to get serious about writing. My dream and I weren’t getting any younger. With my two dogs impatiently waiting in the back seat, I parked the car and signed up for Jeff’s Intentional Blog course which offers a multitude of two to 15-minute videos with helpful assignments at the end of each. The course cost $197.00—a small price to pay for a dream, I thought.

Since joining the self-paced course, I have watched 6 videos in which he talks about the right mindset, the purpose of blogging and how to set up a blog. The videos are short so that you can watch one daily, if you so choose.

Thanks to Jeff’s course, and lessons I have learned from running and music, I am convinced that you can accomplish anything if you work on it a little at a time. You are never too old to start.

We can do this!!

Best wishes,



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