“I am just a _______ (fill in your role)” Change your perspective, change your life.

All too often I hear the phrase, “I am just a _______”, followed by an audible sigh.

The blank section might be just a spouse, a mom, a marketing representative, a teacher, an analyst, a volunteer, a whatever-job-or-role-you-choose. This simple phrase implies that you aren’t living up to your personal expectations, you don’t have much control in your job (e.g. I am just this, not that), you could be doing something different but aren’t, and/or your opinion isn’t valued.

When you say the above phrase, do you ever take action afterwards? Or, do you go back to your job feeling dejected?

Perhaps you need to start by changing your perspective.

Let’s give you a new job title! The only rule is that the new job title has to be something you admire and is somewhat related to the position.

As an example, you are no longer:

  • Just a spouse. You are now your husband or wife’s best friend! Doesn’t that sound better? Best friends are awesome!
  • Just a mom. No way! You are a now a Mentor or Advocate for your child or children.
  • Just a marketing representative. Absolutely not! You are now a Business Catalyst.
  • Just a teacher. How about viewing yourself as a Sculptor of Minds?
  • Just an analyst. No way! You are now a Writer!
  • Just a volunteer. Promote yourself to Fundraiser, Advocate, Consultant, etc.

By changing a job title, you can begin to transform yourself into someone extraordinary.

Start with how you view yourself and watch your life begin to change.

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