Face Your Public Speaking Fear Head On

On July 1, 2018, I wrote a blog post on facing your fears. See 5 Steps to Overcome Your Fears So You Can Live Your Ideal Life.

Within that post, I explained that one of my fears is public speaking. It hasn’t done me any favors in my adult life. In fact, it has held me back more times than I care to admit. Never again… I have finally decided that public speaking will not paralyze me anymore.

Since I last posted on my blog, I have taken several steps to overcome my fear:

  1. I asked my boss if I could brief a topic I am passionate about at an upcoming meeting. The briefing opportunity did not materialize because my topic was outside the scope of the meeting. I was a little disappointed but, as you can imagine, secretly relieved. After asking though, something fascinated happened. I felt immediately empowered. I felt like I was finally chipping away at my fear.
  2. I also signed up for a three day briefing class which I am taking this week. I finished the second day today. Is it ever brutal! I will write about it in later posts.
  3. Finally, I filled out a Toastmaster application for a local club. I start next week.

Within the space of 10 days, I clearly identified my fear (if the truth be told, I have known about this fear my whole adult life), wrote a specific goal that I could achieve (e.g. I brief at least 5 people per month for the next 12 months), and have decided to improve.

I am nervous but excited to begin this journey.

I am confident that your ideal life can be achieved if you face your fears.

Wish me luck! 🙂


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