Good Things Take Time; Never Give Up!

On a daily basis, the two things I consistently do are play the piano and run for my 365-one-mile-per-day challenge. Every so often, I have a breakthrough or two that keeps me motivated. Today was one of those days!

Breakthrough No. 1: Push yourself slightly more than normal

On 23 June 2018, I challenged myself to run two miles every day for 30 days, as opposed to one mile per day. Everything was going well until the July 4th 5k race. I felt great during the race; however, the next day, my legs felt like lead weights with every step especially when I ran. I started dreading my daily runs because I hurt so much and they were taking much longer because I was sore. Even after the soreness went away, I still didn’t want to run which was making my daily runs seem like a chore.

I knew something had to change. Today, I decided to stop complaining and increased the speed on the treadmill which put me in the 9-minute per mile range. Before I knew it, the run was over. I actually felt better running faster. Surprise! Surprise!

Push yourself just a little more than normal. You might be surprised by the outcome. 

Breakthrough No. 2: Never give up! Keep trying!

For the last six weeks, I have been trying to learn Mozart’s Sonata K545. This is my first Sonata so it is most definitely a challenge. There is a section in the piece that my brain and fingers have not been able to master. I tried for weeks to figure it out and get the timing right throughout the piece to no avail.

Today, I finally managed to play through the challenging section and significantly improved the timing. It was as if my mind finally clicked.

Never give up on a goal. Keep on trying even if your progress seems minimal at first. 

I wish you all the best with your goals and dreams!

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