Day 4: A Complete Bust! [$0.03 earned]

Today’s Earnings: $0.03     |      Total Earned: $6.08      |      Remaining: $93.92

Tonight was a complete bust. I earned an impressive $.03 cents from Survey Junkie. 😉 Below is what I did in support of my challenge.


In support of this month’s challenge to earn $100 via online sites, I downloaded the Ibotta app. I was excited to receive a Facebook advertisement that offered a, “$20 Welcome Bonus” which was $10 more than the email offer I received.

“Awesome,” I thought. “I can’t wait to be $20 closer to my goal!” How naive was I!


The sponsored ad in Facebook is misleading. It did not honor the $20 welcome bonus as advertised. The welcome bonus was actually $10. To keep the bonus, you have to earn $10 from your uploaded receipts within 30 days or you forfeit the bonus.

Ibotta 2Within the app, you will see two sections—”Featured Bonuses” and “Available.” In order to redeem the bonuses which range from 25 cents to $15, you have to purchase the item in one of the icons and then upload your receipt. In many instances, you have to buy more than one item within the icon to qualify for the bonus.


I was not familiar with several of the products or stores. I will keep an open mind to see if I can make this work throughout the month.


I listened to several audio files to find one that I could transcribe without too much difficulty. They were either too hard to hear, the background noise was excessive, or the speaker’s accents were simply too strong. I listened to at least 20 of them but could not find one that was suitable.

It didn’t help that my best bud was snoring really loudly at my feet and I was really tired from today.

It is best to do transcriptions when you are not tired so you don’t provide customers with a poor transcription. You also don’t want to risk receiving a poor grade by submitting inaccurate work. I never take any chances with transcriptions. If I can’t do my best work, I won’t accept one.

My old boy

I couldn’t bear to end the day without earning something so I turned to Survey Junkie. I did a quick survey for a whole three cents. I tried a few other surveys; however, they were no longer available after I answered a few initial questions.

Earning $100 online is much harder than I thought. Remind me not to quit my day job!

Cheers! Until tomorrow …


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