Meet Claire

May 2018 Tap Dancing Recital

Hi! I’m Claire Pieron.

Welcome to my blog!

A little about me…

I love to figure things out! You will often hear me say, “There has to be a way to figure this out!,” or, “We’re doing this!” when someone says a job can’t be done.

My colleague at work coined the phrase, “Where there’s a will, there’s Claire!” 🙂

In 2000, I began my career as an analyst. In 2002, I transitioned into law enforcement and became a Special Agent. Every day was a new experience! There was never a dull moment. When I got married and had kids, I sought employment with less midnight phone calls and travel requirements. Early morning phone calls from the office to help with a death case are not ideal when you have a young family.

I went back to being a researcher and in December 2014, I earned an MBA from UMUC while working full-time, and now enjoy a career as a researcher and writer.

I juggle more hobbies than someone with my busy schedule should probably have. We only have one life to live. Enjoy it while you can. Carpe diem!

  • I love a good challenge!
  • I am a Toastmaster. There is nothing more unnerving than public speaking which is why I go to Toastmasters every week. I refuse to let public speaking interfere with my dreams.
  • I run every day. I am pursuing a year-long, one mile per day running streak. As of 21 October 2018, I have run every day for exactly 10 months. I wrote about my running challenge in Be Willing to End One Journey so You Can Start Another.
  • I play the piano. I started lessons four years ago after wanting to learn for 20 years.
  • I tap dance. In August 2017, my daughter convinced me to join her tap class. Despite my initial reservations, I now love everything about it, even the recitals. Year two of lessons began in September 2018.
  • I love photography! I am our local SPCA’s photographer. I love taking glamor shots of their adoptable animals to help them find their future homes.

My Promise to You

I typically publish one blog post per day. For the month of October 2018, I am working on a challenge to earn $100 online. It is much harder than it seems! I have a few other challenges in the works which you will learn more about in the coming days.

Stay in Touch

I look forward to getting to know you! Please consider introducing yourself in the comment section or feel free to send a note to

Have a wonderful day!