Book of the Week: You Are A Girl Who Can Do Anything!

On Friday, during the early hours of the morning, the book fairy delivered Ashley Rice’s book, “You Are A Girl Who Can Do Anything: A Very Special Book To Cheer You On And Help You Achieve Greatness” to my eight year old daughter. When she awoke, she wasAll The Elements excited to see a new and inspiring book leaning against her door. She loved the book so much that she plans to take it to school in the Fall so she has something inspirational to read if she is feeling unsure of herself. She also liked the bookmark with the star to mark her page and the drawings.

From a mom’s point of view, the book does a really nice job of sharing principles that a girl of at least 8 to 10 (perhaps older) can understand. Several examples are:

  • You are a girl who can do anything
  • You have everything it takes to succeed
  • You are a girl who will go far
  • Reach for the stars and you will catch them
  • It’s a girl’s world
  • Follow your passion
  • Show the world what you’ve got
  • You are brave, amazing and real
  • It’s ok to fail sometimes
  • Look deep inside for the courage you need
  • Remember… you are not alone

Typically, there is one principle for every two pages. The author does a nice job of explaining what each means while providing uplifting words. I might actually add a few of the book’s principles to my own list.

We definitely recommend the book!

If you have any other book recommendations like this for boys or girls, we would love to know.

Book of the Week: Everyday Greatness

My All Things Great project is off to a really interesting start! I have already found several books that are must reads.

The first book, Everyday Greatnessled me to Dr. Stephen R. Covey who has written extensively on achieving a happy and fulfilling life. His introduction categorizes greatness into two types—primary greatness and secondary greatness.

Curly Cue-2

Primary greatness, “has to do with character and contribution” while secondary greatness, “has to do with notoriety, wealth, fame, prestige, or position.”

Covey asks the reader, “So what leads to everyday greatness? What is at its roots?”

He argues that the answer lies in the following three choices—(1) the choice to act, (2) the choice of purpose, and (3) the choice for principles. How we answer these choices may lead to primary, or everyday greatness.

As the book progresses, each section presents stories of everyday greatness which correspond with the following chapters:

  • Searching for Meaning
  • Taking Charge
  • Starting Within
  • Creating the Dream
  • Teaming with Others
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Blending the Pieces

I have read the introduction and the first section and already have a better sense of what everyday greatness is and isn’t.

Be forewarned… you might need to have a tissue handy.

If you have any other book recommendations, I would love to know.